Hello Summer, Goodbye Hunger!

Summer is our busiest season at the Storehouse. When kids are home, families often have extra childcare expenses, increased utility costs, reduced work hours, and other financial obligations to manage. When a family’s pantry and refrigerator are empty, the Storehouse is there to provide the fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and canned foods they need. Families […]

Pressing Needs: Peanut Butter & Diapers

We currently need a couple of important items at the Storehouse: peanut butter and baby diapers. Both are valued by our clients and our shelves are running low. With your help we can continue to provide these essentials. Peanut butter is a staple in any household that’s trying to stretch their food budget, and it’s […]

Providing Food While Getting Fit

Brad Tausan and Tripp Bennett started “rucking” in 2016. If you’re not familiar with it, GoRuck is a team building endurance event based on Special Operations training. You work together as a team to complete missions wearing a rucksack or backpack with weights inside, and the amount of weight varies depending on the individual’s body […]

The Storehouse is Helping People Affected by the Government Shutdown

As the Federal government shutdown continues, food pantries are seeing increases in visitors that need food, especially in states with larger governmental employee counts. New Mexico is among the states most dependent on federal dollars, including employment in federal departments or contracts. One estimate showed roughly 5,800 federal employees in New Mexico have been furloughed […]

The Storehouse Loves Our Volunteers: Meet Paul

The Storehouse has just a handful of staff memebers, and we would not be able to continue our mission to fight hunger without the dedication of our wonderful volunteers. Paul is just one of our dedicated volunteers who donate their personal time to feed hungry people. Why did you choose to volunteer at Storehouse? I […]

New Heater & Operations Needs at the Storehouse

Every day brings challenges to the Storehouse, above and beyond the people that come through our doors looking for food. We have been hit with some unexpected bills this winter including having to replace a heater for around $2,400. It was important to fix it as quickly as possible because it was the unit that […]