Hops for Hunger

This September, take action against hunger by ordering a cold one! Each of the breweries listed below will donate a portion of the proceeds from the listed beer to the Storehouse to feed hungry families in New Mexico.

Steel Bender Brewyard– Harvest Pale Ale
Red Door Brewing Company – Dunkel
Rio Bravo Brewing Company, LLC – 94 Rocktoberfest
Alien Brew Pub (Abq Brew) – Cherry Wheat
Santa Fe Brewing Company – Wet Hop Pale Ale

This promotion lasts all month long. Join us for 94 ROCK‘s LIVE remote broadcasts!

94 ROCK LIVE remote broadcast schedule:

Friday, September 7 5-7pm Steel Bender
Friday, September 14 5-7pm Red Door (Candelaria)
Saturday, September 15 5-7pm Rio Bravo
Saturday, September 22 5-7pm Alien
Saturday, September 29 6-8pm Santa Fe

How you can help:

  1. Visit us during the live remotes and bring your favorite beer drinkers with you! The more breweries see the benefit to them, the more likely they are to participate again next year.
  2. Post pictures of your brewery excursions using the hashtag #hopsforhunger.  For some strange reason, beer pictures get a lot of reach on the internet and we want EVERYONE to know this is happening.
  3. Share the Hops for Hunger Facebook events on your social media posted by the Storehouse Facebook page (each brewery will have a different event).
  4. Let the brewery owners know how much you appreciate them supporting the Storehouse!
  5. Make a donation! You are welcome to bring canned goods and shelf-stable foods to donate. However, since the Storehouse can purchase food at wholesale prices, financial donations are most appreciated. A donation of $1 means that the Storehouse can buy 5 meals for local people in need.
  6. Volunteer at the Storehouse!

The Storehouse is New Mexico’s largest food pantry, feeding about 50,000 people a year. We support all ages, from babies to seniors and everyone in between who needs food. This is especially important work because New Mexico ranks among the worst in the nation for hunger in children and adults. One in 4 children is going hungry in New Mexico. The Storehouse needs the support of donors and volunteers to continue this mission.

To find out more about the Storehouse, set up volunteer gigs, and give year-round to the Storehouse visit www.StorehouseNM.org or email us at info@StorehouseNM.org.